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(Color Consultation is required for new Guests prior to booking a Color service)



              A customized Haircut designed by your Artist to fit your individual style.

Single Process Color

$300- $400



  Covers New-growth, added Gloss to illuminate and refresh faded Tones and added Shine. Color placement is custom to each Guest to create rich Color movement. Conditioning Treatment included. *Added Mini Highlight or Specialty Fashion Colors will bring the total to $400.* 


The Mini Highlight


This is a new service that is great to do between your normal Highlight sessions. Highlights  around your hairline and down your part to give you a little pick- me up! Includes a Conditioning Treatment & Toner.

Partial Balayage / Partial Highlight


Highlights throughout top and sides of head. Includes Gloss, Bonding Treatment, Base Tint / Shadow Root if desired & Conditioning Treatment.

Full Balayage / Full Highlight


Highlights throughout the entire head. Includes Gloss, Base Tint / Shadow Root if desired, Bonding Treatment & a Polished Style.

Bleach and Tone




A Bleach & Tone is applied similar to a Base Color to create a high saturated Blonde effect. Service includes a Bonding Treatment & Gloss for Shine and Tone.

Transition to Silver


This is a specialty service that transitions away from depositing Color onto your Greys to embrace your beautiful Wisdom Highlights! This service is custom to each Guests natural Grey placement and to enhance those natural Silvers!  Bonding Treatment included for optimal insurance for integrity of your Hair, Conditioning Treatment & two prescribed take home products.

Color Consultation


This will give us the chance to set aside an hour to discuss all your hair goals- how many sessions your service could take to achieve desired result, maintenance, timing and rates. It will also give me the opportunity to evaluate your hair integrity (patch test if needed) and better guide you in the right direction. FAQ: The cost of a consultation is not applied towards a service. 

*Color or Highlight Services that run longer than 6 hours will fall into our Day Rate $1400

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