Wild Oak strives to create a luxury one on one experience that cultivates your inner beauty outward for the world to see. 


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Wild Oak Studio offers a broad range of services and treatments. Book your appointment today. Find a detailed list of our services and prices here! 

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Picking the right products for your hair is essential to proper hair care. We pride ourselves on choosing the best for our clients.

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​"Saige has been the only person allowed to go anywhere near my hair for the last 2 years because she is AMAZING. She is a color wizard and I always have so much fun with her during my appointments. Saige doesn't shy away from being honest about whether or not something will work for my hair, and she always lets me know if something I want to try is going to be doable in one session or not. I've had such a great time trying new and different colors with Saige (everything from silver to unicorn hair to red to platinum blonde), and I can't wait until I'm able to get in and see her again."


-Lindsey O'King

"Words cannot express how amazing Saige is with hair. She turned my red dye box colored hair into a beautiful silky white blonde. One thing I was really scared of was the blending of a shadowed root into the blonde but she made it look so natural with a smooth transition into the blonde. Also, Saige is so sweet! Highly recommend."

-Kelsey K. Smith